Zoom classes

Upcoming classes:


Saturday May 30:
Booty workout with Laska, 11:00

Sunday May 31:
Yoga with Lize, 11:00

Monday June 1st:
Mobility with Marcel, 11:30 AM


Watch past classes!

Mobility with Christina

Stronger with Miranda, May 28


Circuit with Chris, May 27

Boxing with Ronny, May 26

MMA with Roemer, May 26


Mobility with Marcel, May 25


Yoga with Lize, May 24


Booty workout with Laska, May 23

CrossFit met Santino, May 21

Stronger with Miranda, May 21

Yoga with Mareille, May 20


Circuit with Patrick, May 20

CrossFit with Santino, May 19

MMA met Roemer, May 19

Mobility with Marcel, May 18


CrossFit with Roman, May 18


Yoga with Lize, May 17


Mobility with Marcel, May 15

CrossFit with Santino, May 14

Strongher with Laska, May 14

Yoga with Thirza, May 13