Vondelgym Corporate

Vitality plays an increasingly important role in our society and therefore also within the business world. Numerous health studies have proven that healthier employees equal more productive employees.

Vondelgym is dedicated to contributing to a healthier society. We made it our mission to get the corporate community in movement, and we’re currently moving, shaking and motivating people across our three branches in Amsterdam!

We aim to create a sense of association through a wide range of group lessons dedicated to this mission, which we offer in our gyms.

However, if you feel like you’re seeing enough of your colleagues already- you can also train freely at our locations, there’s plenty of weights and cardio equipment available for you to use!


To support the business sector in becoming (more) fit & vital, we offer the following options:


  • Corporate fitness
  • Team building events
  • Training at Vondelgym or on location


Corporate fitness

Employees of your company can register with Vondelgym via the company fitness scheme and make use of the work costs scheme.


What are the most important benefits?

  • The employee can pay the subscription from his/her gross salary, instead of the net salary… Hello Tax Benefits!
  • Corporate fitness costs are a neutral cost for the employer. Meaning… no additional costs! The tax benefit is for the employee – and as an employer it’s a nice secondary employment condition to add to the list of, as we assume, many more 😉
  • Easy admin: We’ll pretty much do the boring paperwork for you as an employer, as you will receive a monthly invoice with all members who train at Vondelgym.
  • Last but not least, Vondelgym is affiliated with the Intenz Health plan. If you are an employer affiliated with this platform as well, we can offer a tax benefit to your employees.


Team building events

Sounds interesting, but test-drive the car before you buy it? Say no more.

We offer the possibility of scheduling a one-off training or team building with us!

Vondelgym trainers are regularly deployed for teambuilding activities, which can take place at Vondelgym or at the comfort of your own office!

We offer 6 types of activities for you to choose from:

  • Crossfit
  • Bootcamp
  • Yoga
  • Running
  • Kickboxing
  • Mobility


Training at Vondelgym or on location

As we stated, vitality plays an increasingly important role in the corporate world. We honestly believe that a fit employee is an asset to the productiveness of your business.

But we know that life can already be crazy busy, that is why we feel it is important to incorporate working out into your weekly routine.

We offer the possibility of setting a fixe time and day of the week to train in our gym, together with your team. The program of this training can be completely tailored to your team and will be hosted and instructed by your dedicated Vondelgym trainer.


Partnership with De Atleetfabriek (The Athlete Factory)

In addition to our own facilities, we offer complete, tailor-made programs that can contribute to the Fit & Vital mission

In collaboration with De Atleetfabriek we can offer a program of at least three months where we deliver healthy snacks and structural training on location!


Interested to find out more about these options and opportunities? Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us through