Vondelgym offers multiple disciplines under one roof. The founders of Vondelgym felt there was a need for a space where you can practice and explore different types of trainings on one contract. So, they stuck their heads together and voila; Vondelgym was born. At Vondelgym, everything happens in the same space, which allows you to thrive on energies from classes and trainings happening around you- even the café is spatially connected to the gym! We also really wanted to pursue that old-fashioned sports club spirit; a place where you know your people, you get that friendly “hello, how are you” when entering and, also very important, our own café with high quality offerings. And not just the food & drinks, but also the trainers needed to be of quality- we highly value this. As we are targeting the social aspect of training (mainly) via our group lessons, we cannot stress the importance enough of finding joy in exercising. We feel that obtaining good esthetics sure is an additional benefit of the consequence, but it should not solely be the purpose.

We’ve got a very wide target group. The majority consists of young people, between 23 and 40 years old, from all walks of life. But we also offer lessons for children, teenagers and people over 50. Children and youngsters with a City Pass, so from the lower income groups, exercise free of charge. Seniors of 75+ work out with us for free. We also have special lessons for women who are pregnant or have just given birth and we organize clinics for people with disabilities.

Our main focus is group lessons and community spirit, we are less focused on exercising solo. This sense of association is exceptional in the fitness world. Which shows in our unique range of disciplines. We also do not charge any registration fees and can be cancelled monthly. And- our opening times are longer than other fitness centers and we are open every day of the year. On special days, non-members can also train with us for free.

Regular We have a regular subscription, with which you can train from 7:00 am to 11:00 pm in East and West. In the south from 6:00 am, priced: XXX Office Hours In addition, we have an office hours subscription: from Monday to Friday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm and in the weekend from 12:00 pm to 11:00 pm, priced: XXX Off-peak The off-peak subscription: from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. from Monday to Friday and on the weekend from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. Please note, this subscription type is not available at our location in Zuid. Priced: XXX Yearly – One month for free! We also have a regular yearly subscription where you can benefit from 1 month discount. Priced: XXX Running We also have a special Running subscription. You’ll participate in all Running lessons PLUS 1 weight training per week. click here (link to timetable) for the complete schedule. 10 x Class Pass Buy 9 x entries and get the 10th for free! With the Class Pass you can participate in all classes. Partner Subscription Sharing = caring ☺ so we also have a partner subscription. If your partner is already training with us (with a regular subscription) you’ll get a €10,- discount on yours! Request this via email; office@vondelgym.nl. Send us proof of your status as a partner, this can for example be a copy of your joint account.

In addition to your main location of choice, you can train at our other gyms during office hours. (9:00 am - 5:00 pm during weekdays and on weekends from 12.00/noon.)

Yes, you can. We offer a plus subscription for each location for 15 euros. For example, if you want to train with your regular contract in “West” during the regular times there, you pay 15 euros. However, if you want to add a “South” subscription, you pay a total of 15 + 15 = 30 euros on top of your monthly regular costs of 69.50 euros.

Yes. If your Main location of choice is “West”, you can attend classes there throughout the day. If you’ve chosen a different location, you can still join, but during office hours.

A Class Pass subscription expires 6 months after purchase.

No, Class Pass is only for our yoga classes at R-Grip.

A pro membership grants access to extra functions on our app, like additional (online) work outs and nutritional advice.

Yep. But keep in mind that we count in terms of calendar months. So. if you cancel on the 4th of April, your subscription will last until the end of May. Also if you cancel your subscription on 28 April.

No, we do not have a registration fee. (See! Told you we’re different!) We do charge a one-off fee for your admission tag. The costs are 7.50 euros. You will receive a complimentary lock upon registration.

We offer day passes that allow 1 x access to our gym. The cost of a day pass is €15 which you can pay by card at our desk. If you're interested in becoming a member, please take a look at our membership offers online. Start by going to our website (www.vondelgym.nl), and click on the button ‘subscribe' for Overtoom, Oost or Zuid. If you would like to attend one of our classes, please check our schedule and make a reservation in advance: www.vondelgym.nl/rooster Here you'll be able to book one of our classes, (reservations no more than 3 days in advance). We're open daily from 7am until 11 pm. Are you in town for a couple of days and do you prefer training more than just a day? Then we’d recommend you to go to www.gymnomad.com and search for one of our gyms. You’ll get a discount on our daily price. If you use this deal, please notice you can only use our gyms during office-hours.

Yes. If you want to participate in a lesson, we advise you to call the location where you want to follow this workout to reserve a spot. You can also e-mail one of the locations, but the places in a lesson are quickly forgiven, which is why we prefer a call.

Go to the registration page. If you are unable to resolve it, please email us at office@vondelgym.nl

Have you tried to click “new customer” at the start of the registration process? It may be that you have an account somewhere else at another gym that uses the same software, which sometimes causes problems. If you cannot find a solution, you can email to office@vondelgym.nl

Of course! We would like to hear this before the change of the new month so that we can implement this in time. There are no further (admin) costs involved.

Yes. Just email office@vondelgym.nl to tell us which branch you are a member of and which branch you want to switch to. The only thing you have to do yourself afterwards is re-linking your tag to the counter in the other location.

This depends on which day of the month you become a member. If you become a member on 4 April and cancel it immediately, it will continue until the end of May and you will therefore pay almost the entire month of April plus May. But if you become a member on April 28 and cancel immediately, you only pay for the last days of April and the whole of May.

No, unfortunately not. However, you can purchase a ticket per day via Gymnomad.

Absofrigginlutely! Mail your request or question to pt@vondelgym.nl

Well, the pool is not ours, so as a Vondelgym member you cannot use it for free. We do work with Swimgym and we can offer a discount to our members. If you already have a subscription with them, you will receive a 10 Euro discount with us. If you are a member of Vondelgym and are looking to get a subscription at Swimgym, please visit their site for the right discount: www.swimgym.nl

We do indeed offer kids daycare at our location in East and South. Children between 1 and 5 years old can then be taken care of during the training or group lesson. You can register via our app or site, which works the same as with the group lessons.

Of course, this is always possible! We are open every day from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. and at “South” during the week starting 6 a.m.

Unfortunately not.

You can only pause your subscription in case of an injury (we do need to see a note of your GP) or in case of pregnancy. In this case, we can pause your membership minimum 1, maxmimum 6 months. So no, we do not pause if you’re going on an extended holiday- in that case you have to either cancel your subscription or just let it run its course. NOTE: If you wish to cancel, take into account that you have to give 1 month notice. And that we have a waiting list of +/- 1 month. And no, we don’t pause in retrospect, so in case of an injury, make sure to notify us straight away.

At this moment, we only have a waiting list in “East”. We had a waitinglist in “West” before but this has been vacated. For the moment…

Log in on your account (via PC of the Vondelgym app). Click the little square on the top right of your screen, followed by “information club account”, followed by “payments” (top right again). Confirm your password once more and voila: Your invoices.

You can unsubscribe by emailing to uitschrijven@vondelgym.nl

When you have the app in a language other than Dutch, the groups are unfortunately not visible. So switch the language to Dutch so you can view the groups.

When you look at the Homepage of the app, you see 2 arrows at the top right. When you click on this you can select another club. If the other location is not yet listed, first click on the plus in the top right and add the location. This will take you to the Homepage of the other location so you can click on the timetable there.

If you are on the Homepage, there is a menu bar at the very bottom. Click on "plan", then on “show activity calendar” at the top.

Yep, this is possible. But you can also just pay for a day pass at the respective location itself.

At this moment, only members of West can participate in all R-Grip classes. But no need to cry, If you’re an “East” or “South” member, you can join R-Grip classes during office hours. (R-Grip is offered at “West” only)

Yep, R-Grip is only offered at our location in “West”.

R-Grip members may (only) train at “West” during office hours.

Mixed martial arts, usually abbreviated to MMA, is a multidisciplinary martial art that focuses on combining techniques from various martial arts such as wrestling, judo, karate, kungfu, kickboxing, Thai boxing, boxing and jiujitsu.

Yes you can! R-Grip finds it’s important that everyone participates in the lesson at her / his level. You determine your own limits. And for the ultra-beginner we have the GRIP method course for both MMA and grappling. Here you learn the subtleties of an arm clamp, what fighting distances there are and how a decent twi chagi works. This will get you set up with some all-round MMA knowledge before you take part in the regular lessons.

Let’s start with NO sneakers. We train barefoot. Sportswear is sufficient for strength and fitness training. For grappling and wrestling, a rashguard is mandatory due to skin-to-skin contact. With MMA you need: a mouthguard, MMA gloves, shin pads, bandages and knee pads. The first time you come to train you can borrow gloves and shin guards from us.

Showers, yes. Lockers, no. Never was there anything stolen, and we don’t plan for this ever to happen as the door is locked during class.

In the app and on the site you can find the schedule under “R-Grip” in the schedule in “South”. Note: Yoga classes are under the heading Yoga and not R-Grip.

This is because only 5 Vondelgym and 15 R-Grip members can participate at every R-Grip lesson (does not apply to yoga classes). So make sure you register for the correct lesson. If you are a Vondelgym member, register for the lesson with VG. If you are an R-Grip member, you must register for the R-Grip lesson.

Yes, that's right! For more information please visit this page: http://www.vondelgym.nl/en/youngsters/

Yes! Please register via this form: http://www.vondelgym.nl/en/youngsters/citypass/ - As soon as we receive the data, we can pass this on to the municipality and your child can start right away!

Absolutely! Register via the Jeugdfonds website and let them know that you wish to train with us.

Sure thing! For a free trial, please email to youngsters@vondelgym.nl Make sure to mention the preferred training, time, location and the name of your child.

No this is not necessary. Trainings are available to all levels. But please do inform the trainer when your child is participating for the first time.

You can go to http://www.vondelgym.nl/en/youngsters/

We advise you to check the Youngsters schedule. Here you will find an age indication per training session.