Important update because of today’s press conference

The gyms remain open. We are truly grateful that the importance of sports is recognixed and emphasized by the government this way and that we can keep on serving you this way, while the rest of the country is being locked down.

In the gyms, the measures from the past weeks will still count. The new measures announced today do cause one very big change: we are not allowed to teach group classes. Because group classes have our focus, this change is drastic.

The new measures start tomorrow night at 10PM and count until November 19th. Tomorrow (Wednesday) the regular schedule will still be in use. Later tomorrow we will share the schedule for “Open gym”.


We hope you understand the new situation and that you will try to train off peak hours as much as you can.

In the upcoming two weeks, this is what you van count on from our side:

– we post daily programming in the Vondelgym app for your training in all disciplines.

– we will continue to post daily workouts on the socials that you can do either in the gym or at home.

– we share daily podcast tips and restaurants owned by members, where you can order or take-away with a discount.

We are grateful for your understanding, your patience and flexibility this period and we hope that everyone will keep on thinking about eachother, that you keep an eye on members having a hard time and contact eachother (digitally) if you haven’t seen someone for a while. We go through these times as a community. Together. Stay healthy, stay strong!