Important update corona measures

Sporting grounds are a positive exception when it comes to the maximum amount of visitors.

Tonight was a very important moment. The parliament stressed that sports grounds are a clear exception on the maximum amount of visitors of indoor locations.

That’s a beautiful compliment for the fitness industry and an important recognition of the role that fitness plays in the battle against the virus.

Gyms can serve the same amount of visitors as they did before the new measures. But the new measures do still effect us. These are the highlights:

  • Our hospitality department will close. Shakes, drinks, water and coffee can only be ordered to go.
  • Unfortunately you can not hang out after your reserved slot.
  • The municipality of Amsterdam advises to wear a mask in busy indoor spaces. Therefor we will treat the gym like a restaurant. You arrive with a mask, once you are in your spot, in class or the open gym, you are allowed to take the mask off. Do you go to the bathroom, or home, you put the mask back on.
  • During training you don’t have to wear a mask (according to the World Health Organization).


Of course the measures from before, like reserving a spot, distance, extra cleaning etc, will still count.

For the upcoming three weeks we will add outdoor classes to the schedule, to prevent the peak hutle and bustle.

We’d like to stress that it’s very important to work together to make sure the measures are respected and taken seriously, that we need to care about one and other.

We thank you for your patience and understanding.

See you soon in the gym!