The whole month of January there will be no charge of membership fees and from now on you can train at all our locations with your tag.

Gyms are closed until the 19th of January. And eventhough we do everything in our power to keep you moving online, it’s not the same as training in the gym.

That’s why we will not charge you all of January.

As soon as gyms open again, you can train at all Vondelgym locations with your tag.

It’s a challenging time. For you, for us. This way we hope to help out members who are in dire straights: Do let us know if you expect to have financial issues for a longer period of time, but do want to keep on training with us. We will look for a solution together.

In the upcoming weekends we will organise all sorts of online events. This Saturday the kick off: yoga accompanied by a string quartet. We hope to see you on Zoom.

See you soon and hang in there!
Team Vondelgym