Vondelgym’s speelkwartier

In this program you work out together with your child!

For parents with kids of 4 months old up until 2 years. Speelkwartier is a bootcamp (outdoor) training together with your child. For your child this could be their first experience with movement and sport. The workout will last an hour (45 minutes of movement, 15 minutes of cooling down). Be moving together you create an even stronger bond between you and your child. And this also save you the hassle of organizing a baby sitter when you want to workout!

During the training you’ll do a combination of cardio and strength training. Here your child could also be used a kettlebell!

The program of Speelkwartier for kids of 2 to 5 year old.
Here your child will also participate in the workout! Also, these workouts will last about an hour where the focus will be on strength and cardio training. During these workouts, your child could also be used as a kettlebell.

Besides bootcamps Speelkwartier also offers basic judo/wrestling classes (also other combat sports). Also here the parents will participate but less active than during the Bootcamps.
During the Speelkwartier program for kids older than 10 the kids independently train in small groups. Here we cover multiple sports such as bootcamps, boxing and ball sports. Here the focus will be on some basic sports education more so than the programs for younger kids.

Head-coach: Wouter Teerhuis