• Marije Horbach
  • Yoga

Marije has always loved sports and working out. So it was at a gym that she tried out her very first yoga class. After starting yoga at the gym she practiced Hatha and Hot yoga for several years.
She completed her Teacher Training in Amsterdam in 2013 and started teaching Hot Yoga. It was at that studio that she discovered different style of yoga and now teaches Hot yoga, Bikram yoga, Vinyasa Flow, Yin yoga, Pilates and an anatomy module in Yoga Teacher Trainings.

Four years ago she started organizing retreats in Italy in a beautiful house of a friend. The place suits yoga so perfectly as it invites contemplation. She now goes several times a year to Italy for yoga retreats, yoga and detox retreats and yoga and food weeks.

She likes to teach technical and personal classes focusing on balancing strength and flexibility. Having previously torn her hamstrings several times being a field hockey goalie, one of the things she loves about yoga is strengthening through constant practice and attention. Yoga requires a lot of patience, but she believes that finding this patience is also beneficial to other aspects of life. She loves helping people go further with their yoga, and is only too happy to discuss poses and answering questions regarding asanas after class.